About Us

About Us

We’re Nathan and Ashley, a couple of married thirty-somethings who’ve uprooted our sedentary lives and hit the road in search of meaningful experiences.  After spending our fair share of years behind corporate desks followed by a foray into the restaurant industry, we decided to abandon conventional ties in the pursuit of long-term travel and exploration.

Hello from Blue Knob State Park
Enjoying the occasional pot of French press coffee

When we’re not hiking, biking, spending time visiting family and friends, playing games (we’re always up for a round of Settlers of Catan, IceDice, Star Realms, learning a new game) or doing normal chores like cooking and cleaning, you can find us indulging in a variety of hobbies or even working (yes, it’s true).

Ashley engages in all things fiber crafty – knitting, crocheting, hand sewing, making useful things out of no longer useful things.  After much prompting, she finally opened an Etsy store with a variety of handmade items currently available.  She’ll even fulfill custom orders on occasion.  In addition to crafting, she also dabbles in fermentation.  We travel with two bubbling jugs of continuous-batch kombucha, a jar of delicious sourdough starter, kefir and yogurt cultures, and various types of lacto-fermented pickles (as the season allows).

Ashley posing with a yarnbombed item in Asheville
Hard at work at Lake Carmi on a baby blanket for her new nephew

When not writing articles for the blog, you can find Nathan learning new songs on the mandolin (or playing his sax, when it won’t disturb the neighbors), cooking, looking for another project to finish, or even brewing a batch of beer when time and circumstances allow.  He’d probably be planning the travel route solely based on brewery visits if not for Ashley keeping him on track.

Warming up at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge
Keeping an eye out for gators at Reed Bingham State Park

We’re always happy to meet new friends, so don’t hesitate to say hello if you see us on the road.  If you have any questions about RV living, frugal travel, or just want to say hello, leave a comment on a blog post or send a message through the contact form.  Happy trails and thanks for visiting!


If you’d like to contact us by email, please send us a message using the form below.


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